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Golf Geum Technology is a top-class design studio and golf trolley manufacturer. The company’s vision is to introduce innovative design and high-tech solutions into the golf industry. Our goal is to continuously overcome existing and outdated stereotypes. Innovation, passion and precision combined with superior quality and execution differentiates us from competition.


At the begining of the year an Australian business executive, Mr Russell Luxford is appointed as CEO of Golf Geum Technology together with Mr. Filip Bubrle as CSO and an enhanced management team the company commences a new era of internationalisation. The innovative Decolt Grand system with electric drive finds its first customers across all continents.


Production of the second generation of Decolt Grand and development of the innovative electric drive is launched.


The Company obtains financing to support global sales and distribution. Decolt Grand golf trolley concept design is finalized.


First generation of Decolt trolley finds customers ranging from UK and Germany to US and South Africa. Development of the second generation and electric version of the trolley is launched.


Introduction of the Decolt trolley on the largest global golf trade show in Orlando.


After three years of development, the designer team finalizes work on the first generation of the Decolt trolley. The design is patented for the European and American markets.


The company was founded by a passionate golfer and first-class designer.
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